Conscious Leaders

3 steps to awaken your listening skills

For too long we’ve stood by and watched as toxic leadership behaviors polluted the progress, productivity and more importantly - the emotional and mental well being of individual hardworking employees.

In a survey of 1,374 employees about 42% left their job because of a “bad boss” - almost a third felt that their current leader is a bad manager, 41% cited a lack of recognition, and 40% of employees admitted to feeling overworked. (Bad Bosses at the Heart of Employee Turnover, Forbes)

Avoid being a “bad boss” despite your good intentions by understanding this:

There are two prevalent styles of leadership:  

Transactional and Charismatic.

Transactional leadership acts to strengthen existing structures, strategies, and culture in an organization. You’re a leader that isn’t afraid to get your hands dirty.

Charismatic leadership is centered around the relationship between the leader and one or more followers. We have video teachings about each leadership style, access them by joining Voice of Impact!

The outcome of combining Transactional and Charismatic Leadership is: Your team’s (or vendors) heightened commitment to achieving performance beyond expectations.


Now, you don’t need to go around high-fiving your team all day, all you need to do is follow these three steps:


Be a leader who listens:

Be Empathetic. Empathy is a powerful display of listening. Everyone manages stress and pressure in their own way, it is important to be empathetic to these differences, and understand how these shifts in focus impact employee performance. If you are an empathetic leader, you show your employees that they matter, which leads to the second part of this first step: Show that you care. When you show your employees that you are invested in their individual progress and success, they work harder and aim higher, exceeding your expectations. Employees want to be led by those who genuinely care about who they are, this includes their role in the organization and their team.

Take a tip from Transactional Leadership and become involved in the process with your employees; Engage yourself in the matters that affect your team. Hold yourself accountable. When you engage in teamwork, there is no room for judgement, which is a negative behavior that promotes inefficiency and team discord; Don’t judge others. Leaders that constantly implement judging into interactions with their team show that they are not interested in hearing their feedback, and this will ultimately cause the team to miss out on real opportunities to find solutions. An article by Forbes exposes the real results of what happens when leaders consistently bash their team with negative feedback; “Too many times leaders make harsh criticisms about those with a different style or approach when they could be learning from them. When leaders judge, they expose their immaturity and inability to embrace differences.” (6 Ways Listening Can Make You A Better Leader, Forbes)

Be mindful. Leaders that are mindful are not just hearing conversations; they are listening to them, engaging in the important dialogue being discussed, and they are analyzing feedback with real intent to expand on the key points that are brought up by the team. Do not underestimate the power of teamwork makes the dream work. Being mindful goes beyond listening. Interrupting is actively letting your employees know that you are not interested in what they have to provide. Don’t interrupt. Stay focused on what your employees are saying. Stay in the moment and be respectful of others; 85% of what we know we have learned from listening, humans generally listen at a 25% comprehension rate.

You’re in your leadership position for a reason.

Now, it’s up to you to make the most of this opportunity.

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